Get access to the beta release of APROPLAN on iPhone/iPad

Clément Steuve -

Are you interested in testing the beta version of APROPLAN on iPhone/iPad? Please follow these easy 10 steps and get started! We thank you for your interest in this new version!


Step 1:  In order to give you access to our beta release, we would need your device's UDID. You can find it by following the few steps under this link:


Step 2: Once you have your UDID, please send it to You will then receive an e-mail containing the procedure to get the app from a tool called Fabric.


Step 3: Open the e-mail from your iPhone/iPad and click on the "Let Me In" button.



Step 4:  Enter your name and click on "Next".



Step 5: The next step is to install the certificate required to get the app + the shortcut for the Fabric tool. Click on "Next".



Step 6: Click on "Install".



Step 7: A validation pop-up should appear. Click on "Install".



Step 8: You will then be automatically redirected to the website. Click on "Next".



Step 9: The next step is to install APROPLAN. Click on "Install".



Step 10: APROPLAN is now available on your device. Time to start testing it! Note: You will also receive an e-mail every time a new version of our app is available.


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