Add a new version of a document

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You can add a new version of a document you uploaded before.

If you are the administrator of the project, you do not need to be the author (uploader) of the document.


Important: The X and Y coordinates must correspond to those of the original version. When uploading a new version of a plan, the pins (localisations of points) are also displayed on the new version. If the new version of the plan does not have the same dimensions, the points will be displayed wrongly: they keep the same coordinates as the ones of the original version.


  • To add a new version, click on the document...



  • ... then click on the 3 dots next to the document to click on Add version




  • Another window appears, on which you can click on Browse to upload a document from your desktop as the new version of a document.



  • After uploading a new file, you will see on the left 2/2 instead of 1/1. This means that there are now two versions of the document.




Look at the version of a plan:



  • When you double click on the document, it opens in full screen. You can then click on the small arrow to see all the versions of the document.



  • Select the version you want to look at


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