How can I update APROPLAN on my iPad / Android device?

Clément Steuve -

When a new version of APROPLAN is released, you get a notification when logging in, informing you a new version is available. You can update your version immediately or choose to do it later from the App Store or Play Store.


From the App Store (iPad/iPhone)

  • Open the App Store


  • Select Updates on the bottom right corner of your screen


  • Click on APROPLAN and select Update


If you want this to be performed automatically:


1) Access the settings of your device

2) On the menu to the left of your screen, select "iTunes & App Store"

3) Activate the updates by sliding the button (it will become green)





From the Play Store (Android)

  • Open the Play Store


  • Type "APROPLAN" in the search bar at the top of the screen


  • Select the APROPLAN app


  • Click on Update


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