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It is very important to create a good project structure to save up time afterwards.


It is possible to create projects from the Android and iOS applications, but we recommend creating projects from the web application in which you can also adapt and add categories, rooms and statuses.

Depending on the license you have, you have access to more or less functionalities in the project settings.


In the project screen you are able to create a project in a few steps that are described below:

  • Click on the Screen_Shot_2017-06-27_at_15.40.10.png  to make a new project
  • To fill in the general information of the project (Name, code, address, ...)




  • Insert all the basic information of the project such as :

       - The name and code of the project (manadatory fields)

       - The start and end date of the project

       - The address of the project

       - The logo of the project

These data will be visible in the reports you will generate afterwards.

  • Save your inserted data by clicking on Save Screen_Shot_2017-06-27_at_15.44.45.png


Once your project has been made, you will be able to insert these data:

  • In the tab Categories (more information here), you can edit all the categories, subcategories, subjects and descriptions to edit them afterwards with the pencil icon potlood.png



You can add your categories manually, import them from Excel or from another project


  • You can add your list of rooms by clicking on Rooms (more information here)



You can add your rooms manually, import them from Excel or from another project


  • You can add and personalize the statuses of your project by clicking on Statuses (more information here)



You can add your statuses manually, import them from Excel or from another project

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