Layout types in lists

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You can generate a report in any of your lists (= green square)

List example :


After having selected points you need in your list of points, click on upper right button  Print. A new window with layout options will appear.

You can see the field Criteria Template, in which you have the 4 predefined models.  Click on the scrolling menu to open it.





The settings (checkboxes) are different according to the template you chose (see here Under)


The greatest difference between these four models is the layout options.


  • First, you'll see the option List of points is checked. With this option, points are displayed in columns you can choose to display or not, following the information you want to see in your report.

 Under layout options, you have columns options

Click on the left, on the column header you'd like to have in your report, click then on the Arrow to have column displayed in your report.



Here's an example of what you'll get with these criteria : 


  • You can also add all information of your points by checking  Detail of points.


In some models, points appear in both configurations in the report.


Standard list of points


Summary list of points


Standard list of points (with localization)


Detailed list of points 

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