Web VERSION 1.9.1 – October 26, 2012

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Web VERSION 1.9 – October 26, 2012


+ Added Feature

*Improved feature

- Bug Fixed

! Known issue/missing feature



+ Main Toolbar has a new look:

Three new icons are now displayed in our main toolbar

  • Add a new project
  • Upload documents
  • Share the project

New look of

  • Add
  • Information
  • Printer


+/* Easy project creation

The first icon "Add a new project" brings you to a simplified project creation screen. You just need to add a title of the project and upload your documents. These documents are stored in a default structure: Documents – Pictures - Reports. Everything is still editable in the advanced creation wizard.


+ Punch list of problems

In order to categorize your remarks and meeting points, some punch lists with types of problems are available in the project creation project. All these punch list items have a unique code.

These can be editable in the project wizard.


+ Module Remarks: What's new, note, message, and task melt together into remarks

All the notes, messages and tasks you created are now considered as remarks and sent remarks. The meeting points will also make part of the remarks, but won't be editable in the module remarks.

Add , edit or copy remarks easilyDetails of the remarks or send remarks are displayed equallyThese remarks all have a unique code linked to a specific project, with particular codes.These can also be filtered thanks to predefined filters or personal filters.Each remark will have a unique code


+ New document Screen

The document is now fully displayed; the remarks are visible on the right of it

Navigate easily from one document to another being aware of how many remarks there are on the document thanks to the number in brackets. View your documents in full screen with all the remarks on it.


+ Display a document as Project cover

Select one of the documents of the project and display it as project cover. These project covers will enable you to choose a project on your mobile device to work on it.


*Easy upload of documents + drag & drop documents

The upload of documents is made easier to use thanks to the second button of the main toolbar.

This brings you straight to the project creation wizard, on step Documents. Add your files and source files as usual.

Improvements are:

Multi-selection of documents when browsing your computer thanks to the SHIFT / CONTROL actionThe removal of the upload button: The selected documents are directly added to the list of documents to upload.

You can also drag and drop easily your documents from one folder to another, no need to delete it anymore and upload it again in the right folder.


*Account administration

This menu point has been split into two submenus:

My logo, upload of logoMy usage, check the usage


*The existing data is managed and saved

Your existing structure of projects with categories and types of problems are still usable. This existing data is saved so you can keep on working on it


*Important Remark - Direct mail

Tick the box "Important" to send the remark straight away.


*Progress bar

A progress bar has been added to the process of project upload and to the process of document upload


*Visibility on the project

The visibility on the project is now displayed thanks to a green V. When the access is denied the v is inactive and gets a grey color


*Rotation of a document

The document can be rotated and saved that way thanks to the edit function of a document

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