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+ Module Pictures

Visualize all the pictures by project taken on the field. These pictures taken with the iOS device are stored in the folder Pictures

+Sent elements: copy

When you want to send an element, all the data (except the replies on it) is copied. The data can be modified.

A copy of all the sent elements will be stored in AproPLAN (sent reports, sent remarks).

Nb: The field “IN CHARGE” is changed into “TO” when the element is sent.



*Improvement of the new document screen

  • Selected documents are displayed in full screen
  • The actions that can be performed on the document are clearly displayed by new icons or rapid buttons
  • The drawing of remarks linked to the document are displayed as pins with 

*New look of reports

The report with all the remarks linked to a document his now similar to a meeting report. The header has also been updated.

The report itself contains:

  • A list with all the remarks, without details
  • The plan/document on which these remarks have been made, with the pins and the unique code of each remark
  • Each single remark with its details header of the report has been updated
  • The zoom on the drawing on the document involved in a remark
  • Each report generates a code 

These reports can be sent directly and be stored in the folder “Reports” of the project” 

*Information Menu

You will now find three submenus:

  • Getting started: These are the steps to follow to become an AproPLAN expert
  • Release Notes: Link to the updates of AproPLAN by version
  • FAQ:  Link to some frequently asked questions which will give you a lot of information concerning AproPLAN and its usage.

The FAQ’s are also available in the bottom left corner of the screen on the application. 

*Captcha added to account creation

In order to prevent numerous fictive account creations a captcha combination has been added to the creation process. 

*Remarks: the drawing is displayed as a pin with a unique code

A pin with the code of the remark is displayed on the document. Each pin corresponds to a remark which can be read in details. Take actions on the remarks thanks to rapid buttons.

A pin is also added to the drawing tools. The user will then be able to add a pin on a document instead of adding a drawing. 


The menu Modules remains temporarily hidden 

*The wizard:

  • The concept of “steps and folders” of the structure of a project disappears. The structure will only consist of “folders”.
  • The default steps are Document, Reports, Pictures. Reports and pictures can’t be modified, these are displayed in “read-only” mode
  • Display of project code : The code of the project is displayed near each project of the dropdown list

 *New closing button


 Miscellaneous enhancements and fixed bugs

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