Web VERSION - 1.10 - December 4, 2012

Eveline -


+ Copy a Meeting point

Use a meeting point to display tasks, for instance.

Copy a meeting point to create a new remark.


+Filter remarks according to personal criteria

Remarks could be filtered according to the kind of remark (sent – received – Archived ect)

The filtering can now be yet more precise and customized.

Complete as much fields as relevant amongst the following ones:

From – To – Subject – Body – Date – Problem – Project – Number – All

The 25 latest researches are saved in the Filter History.


+ Display of the panes is saved according to personal adjustments

The adjustments of the width of the panes/ screens will automatically saved by the application.


+ French Version

Additional French Project Structure Template


+ Integration of KissMetrics




The module Reports has been removed because of the redundancy with the added feature of the filtering of remarks.



*Sender of AproPLAN mails:

Display of the name of the sender instead of no-reply@aproplan.com, which makes it much more personal and reliable.


*Source file

The source file of an uploaded document can be added afterwards.

Edit the document and upload the source file to link it to the already existing document.


*Archive of Meetings

From now on, you can choose to Archive a Meeting and all its points separately. A meeting point can be archived in the Module Remarks without any incidence on the meeting itself.

If a complete meeting is archived, all the points linked to it are also archived in the Module Remarks.


*Video’s: Improvement and updates

The quality of the video’s in the Welcome screen and the Getting started screen has been largely improved.

The old video’s were also updated to the new spirit of AproPLAN.


* Meeting Occurrences

A meeting occurrence, or Next meeting, behaves as any other meeting. It is displayed in the list of meetings and can be edited as many times as necessary.


*Tab to sort meeting points

The different meeting points can now be sorted by Number – Problem – Person in charge – Status – Due date.

It gives the user the information he needs in just a click.


* Update, customization and Debug of Module MEETING

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