Patches 1.12.0

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Patch – 13/03/2013

  • Status of remarks: In Progress/Planned / Checked /Closed

             These can be changed without being in Edit mode

             The creator of the remark is the only one who can close a remark

             The history of the status can be visualized by clicking on it.

  •   Meeting report: it is now possible to add meeting points on different pages of a same document. Each meeting point will appear on the report with the exact page of the document in attachment.
  • Standardization of the erase icon (dustbin)


Patch – 13/03/2013

  •  Upload of documents; the rotating counter counts uploads from desktop as well as from Dropbox, which was not the case before


  • Correction of the display of the pictures in a meeting report. These are no longer displayed as plans in the section Preview of plans but as attachments of the meeting points.
  • Correction of various translations

Patch – 18/03/2013

  • Correction of the creation of a new meeting point number when the previous one has been deleted.                                  e.g: I have created meeting point number 1.12 but I choose to delete before creating a new one. The new meeting point number will be 1.12 and not 1.13 as before.
  •  What’s New module created and behaves as on iOS


  • Correction of the display of the attachments of a remark in the remark report
  • Correction of the display of My information screen (Ago)


  •  Salesforce and Aproplan link for the field “Country”


  •  New technical information added to the Payment module


  • Update Dutch translations 


  • Upgrade of several accounts


  • Comments on meeting points are displayed correctly within the meeting report


  • New package Expert Unlimited: idem as the Expert Package with an unlimited number of projects
  • Changes asked by a customer: Refresh of a project & more working space added
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