Web Version 1.13.0 - May 2013

Eveline -

1.Added Features


All Contacts are stored in module contacts, they are organized by project. The personal information can be updated easily and giving access is just easier and more obvious than before.

+ MEETING REPORTS : 3 templates

Within the section “Template Report”, one will be able to choose the kind of meeting report he would like to use. These three types of reports are linked to the three types of meetings the user can choose between (Meeting –Handover –Visit)

For the moment Meeting and site reports are similar but the handover report is slightly different. The sections displayed in the meeting and site report are:

·         Report header

·         Remarks

·         List of meeting points

·         Preview of plans

·         Report footer

The main changes with the current report are :

·          In the section “List of meeting points” , the attached pictures /plans are displayed just underneath the meeting point in question.

There is no section "Preview of plans" in this report

+ Thumb view of documents when adding it to a remark/ meeting

When adding a document to a remark/meeting point, you can easily select the right document thanks to the thumb view.  A preview of the document is displayed when the user hovers the mouse a few seconds on a specific document.

+ Multiple action on several remarks/meeting points

You can now Edit /Archive /Print several items at a time by clicking on “Multi Action”. The items are selected thanks to a checkbox. A new screen has been created to fulfill these actions.

2. Improved Features

·        * Activities; former What’s New Module

It contains the new documents shared and new remarks received for the last seven days. The unread ones are displayed in bold and once you read one of the new items it is displayed in unbold

The icon of the module changed

Standardization with iOS

*Tab New documents has been renamed into Documents


·        * Search tool enhanced : search on sentences, design of the screen is updated

·         *Attached documents  renamed into Attachments and display of the action buttons: Attach – Upload – Delete – Metadata

·         *Update of the Registration method

·         *Standardization of mails sent; all the mails send to the users have been reviewed. The mails are available in the four languages of AproPLAN (English, French, Dutch and German).

·         *Finalization of Contact module: various enhancements such as the creation of two tab pages (general information and contact access), the possibility to use of the keyboard to manage the contacts,…


3.Corrections /Bugs

Various issues reported by customers or not, have been corrected.

? The number of linked remarks to a documents was wrong (displayed 2 instead of 1)

? A remark must be selected to change its status

? Display of the mode edit of a comment (within a remark/meeting point). The icon was not always displayed. You can now edit a comment by clicking twice on it or by clicking on …

? Edit a comment of a sent meeting thanks to the button in the header. Only the creator of the comment may edit the comment

? All actions on a document are disabled as long as the document is processing.

? Font and style of the list of project, in module documents, is modified

? Delete an email address from the to-field of a remark was disabled

? Payment popup screen opens when the limit of project creation for your package is reached.

? Update of the message when adding a user to a project

? Filter of the remarks has been updated in NLD

? Meeting point number corrected

? Clear the remark details when there is no remark selected. Previously, the details of the last selected remark were still visible.

? Error selecting a contact in the new Contact Module


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