WEB Version 1.13.1 – 15th May 2013

Eveline -

*Improved features

*Module CONTACTS has been renamed into PARTICIPANTS in order to clarify the fact that these lists are lists of people taking part into a selected project and in order to be consistent with the meeting module.

*The out-of-date videos have been removed out of the Help screen. They will be replaced in our next versions

*Changes within reports:

1. When points are grouped by punchlist, the header of the group "no punchlist" has been renamed into “General remarks”

2. In a handover report, only the plans attached to the meeting are printed under “Preview of plans”

3. The name of the picture is displayed in the details of the meeting point

4. VAT number of the company is displayed in the footer of the reports

5. One line out of two was colored: the green background has been removed from the tables

6. www.aproplan.com has been removed from visit reports

7. When printing a visit type of report the option “Detail of meeting points” has been removed, before it was unchecked and inactive


*Segment. Io: Date format has been changed into unix timestamp. Add information about the contact : invited by an integrator or not.


Various bugs corrected


? Generating a report with several meeting points resulted in an error, which has been corrected.

? Various translations were missing, these have been added. ex : contact access in the contact screen , multi-edit actions

? Double:: has been removed behind the labels of the Meeting Details

? Changes in Dutch versions of the reports : the country – Auteur – Plannen previsualiseren into Plannen – The legend under the participants has been displayed on 1 line

? Some of the projects of customer W. Hibert were deleted.

? Contacts were not lost with the installation of the latest version. The details added to a contact into the meeting module are not transferred to the module contacts but the details will be filled in automatically the other way round, when a contact that is already part of a project is added to a meeting.

? When a user in charge, who received a remark, changed the status of a meeting point /remark , the status was not updated on the sender side.

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