WEB Version 1.13.2 – 22nd May 2013

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WEB Version 1.13.2 – 22nd May 2013


Various Bugs, reported by customers or not, have been corrected


? Missing texts of the project creation wizard have been added in Dutch and French

? Some small changes have been made on the footer of Reports (ex: Vat number has been added, …)

? The “Details” part of a report has been renamed “Summary”

? In the meeting reports, we used two different names (Participant display Name and contact display name) to name one and the same person.

? Some problems have been encountered due to the slowness of “Meetings”. These errors have been partly solved by changing the length the time out. These will all be correctly solved in the next release. We are currently updating the working of Meetings.

? The “activation email” of the Alpha server was not sent. We could not activate the AproPLAN account

? Update of design of the screen “My information”

? Update of first mail sent to a new user: Activation mail is sent in the first place, no mail anymore to inform that the number of projects is reached

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