Additional changes to WEB Version 1.14 - V. – 29th May 2013

Eveline -

? Corrections /Bugs

Various issues reported by customers or not, have been corrected

? We added a scroll bar to the Instructions to install Silverlight on a computer, this is user-friendly.

? In the meeting reports one person could be named differently. The names displayed in the reports are now coherent. Therefore it is not possible anymore to change the name of a participant added to a meeting.

? A user cannot delete a document if several versions are linked to this initial document. The delete function has been disabled and a tooltip has been added.

? A customer could not get access to his account: password was blocked. This has been unblocked.

? An error showed up every time a meeting point was edited. This error has been corrected.

? Missing translations were added (eg: No name for the “Unarchive” button in the multi-edit screen)

? There was a problem in numbering meeting points. Some of them had the same number. This has been corrected.

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