Additional changes to Version 1.14 - V. – 5th June 2013

Eveline -

? Corrections /Bugs

Various issues reported by customers or not, have been corrected

? When a meeting counted more than 100 meeting points, the points were not sorted correctly. It has been corrected for the user who reported this issue but is still not corrected internally. The numbering has been reviewed in the next version.

? Correction of an error reported by a user when he made a report of selected remarks

? A small modification in the Dutch meeting details (send meeting reports: “naar” has been changed into “om”)

? A customer could not connect to his account anymore, the password was blocked.

? A document which was still processing has been deleted form a customer’s account.

? Titles of punch list items appeared twice in the meeting reports. Reports have been corrected so that the title appears once.

? Remarks reports were limited to 100 remarks. This limitation has been removed but there might be some problems to send these reports.  

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