Additional changes to WEB Version 1.14 - V. – 12th June 2013

Eveline -

? Corrections /Bugs

Various issues reported by customers or not, have been corrected

? Big documents kept on processing. The upload capacity has been improved until 64mb, thanks to the upgrade of the Aproove version.

? French translations were missing in the module Documents

? We solved a numbering problem of one of our users. Some meeting points had the same number while each meeting point/remark should have a unique number

? One of our users could not accede to his meeting on web. The deletion of a meeting point on his device seemed to be the problem. This has been fixed.

? implementation to notify Salesforce

? Pictures taken on ios were registered in our database as documents, which is not the case anymore

? Some login's were missing; the iOS logs are now properly registered

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