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Improved Features

1/Meeting module: technical overhaul

The goal of this technical overhaul is to improve the meeting module, so that it would work better and faster

-          Be able to work with a large amount of data in the web application.

-          Simplify some workings and remove some unused concepts.

-          Avoid Synchronisation problems with iPad/iPhone

The following changes have been made:


The history of the data of the meetings and all the related entities are completely removed. This will remove the heaviness of data and improve the working speed.


The generated meeting reports will be stored in the section Reports of the MEETING module and in the module DOCUMENTS under Reports. Each report will be numbered properly according to the occurrence and revision of the meeting.

*Occurrence, revision, meeting status and meeting point number

The entire management of the occurrences, revisions, meeting point numbers and meeting status is now working on our servers, which will prevent some problems such as wrong numbering


A new revision is created each time the user updates a sent report and so generates a new version of a report. This concept of “revision of a meeting” has been removed.  A report of one and the same meeting can now be updated several times.

This revision of a meeting report will get a number: for instance, report 2.01 will be the revision 1 of the report linked to occurrence 2 of the meeting.
-Meeting Status:
Meeting status “Draft” or “Send” have been removed. Nevertheless, these will be kept for a while in order to assure compatibility with the old iOS version. New Web and iOS cutomers won’t use this anymore.

-Meeting Point numbers:

These Meeting Point numbers are now created on the server and not locally anymore, at least for the web version. On iOS, the user will still create a temporary meeting point but this number will be generated on server side as soon as the meeting point is synchronized.

*Meeting Points:

A “Meeting Point” behaves as a “Remark”. Therefore, these must work mainly the same way. The “Meeting Point” behavior has been removed. The way to create, edit, archive,ect. is duplicated between Remarks and Meeting Points.

These can be sorted by date, punchlist item, user in charge, due date or number.

The only difference between a “Meeting point” and a “Remark” is their numbers. A remark can have number 23, for instance. While a meeting point number first displays the number of the occurrence of the meeting and then the number of the remark:  2.23, for instance.

*Meeting Module in the web application

The meeting module will be modified in order to be able to work

-          with a lot of data

-          with several users working on the same meeting. This is not yet the case in this version but everything is ready to implement it in a next version. All the managers of a meeting will then have the same rights: create meeting points, modify a meeting, ect.

Each section of the meeting works independently from the other ones; this means that when one section is modified the entire meeting is not saved again.

Section SUMMARY is made independent from anything else

Section PARTICIPANTS will insure that participants are saved one by one and not as an entire group anymore. You will now add, edit or delete one participant at a time.

If the details of a participant to a project have already been filled in the module PARTICIPANTS of the project, these will automatically displayed when adding this participant to a meeting.

The sections DOCUMENTS and MEETING POINTS will be displayed using of the module DOCUMENT and the module REMARKS, which will be less heavy to support and so will improve the working speed.


2/“Print” pop-up window has been redesigned

There are now two different printing screens, depending if you want to generate a report with remarks or a meeting report.  The choices you will have to make before printing your report depends from the module.

If you want to send the report, another (also redesigned) pop-up window will be displayed.

The two actions are SEND and SAVE.

If you save a report, it will be stored in your DOCUMENTS (under Reports).

If you send the report, it will be send to the assigned people and it will also be saved on AproPLAN.


3/ Signatures are erased for each next meeting occurrence.

Participants (Managers) can sign for approval at the end of the meeting. These signatures are now erased when a new occurrence of a meeting is created. The managers (who are present) can now sign for approval at the end of each occurrence of a meeting.


Corrections /Bugs

Various issues reported by customers have been corrected.

?  Various bugs due to the slowness of the meeting module have been corrected:

-          Could not send a report

-          Could not add a new occurrence to a meeting

-          Could not update the additional information

-          Could not update a list of participants

-          Some meeting points had the same number

-          Deleting a plan linked to a meeting

? The user is now able to select a series of remarks/meeting points from the document screen to print these. This has now the same behavior than the screen Remarks.

? All the documents, plans, pictures linked to a remark or meeting point will now all be displayed in section “Details of meeting points” of the reports. Previously, only three items were displayed.

? The PDF reports linked to the sent emails were previously all named “Report.pdf”.  The PDF report of the meeting is now named by the Name of the meeting and its occurrence. The PDF of the report with remarks will be named by the user.

? When having more than 100 meeting points, the points were not correctly ordered in the report. This has now been corrected.

? On the web application, there was a problem selecting a picture taken with the iPad. This was due to a double click on the user’s side. This “double click function” has been removed to prevent such errors.

? All the buttons are disabled as soon as it has been clicked once. This behavior will prevent some errors such as encountered by a user trying to generate a report with remarks.

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