WEB VERSION 1.16.0 – 3rd July 2013

Eveline -

Improved Features

  • New account limitations

After having made some statistics survey about the usage and the limitations of AproPLAN accounts, some decisions were made.

We keep the different packages but we slightly downgrade the capacity for the Guest package to 100Mb/month.


Added features


+ Room management in remarks and meeting points

The list of room is linked to a project. It behaves mainly as the punch lists.

-          The Rooms will be created (and or modified) in a step of the wizard Project.

-          It is organized into two levels (Level 1 and Level 2). The first level cannot be selected in a remark or a meeting point.

-          The templates can be saved and used into new projects

As for punch lists, the users will use the Rooms in their remarks and meeting points.

The field Room will then be useable to filter the remarks properly, to group the remarks/meetings points on AproPLAN or in the report.

The room will also be editable using the Multi-edit function.


+ Pdf reports are now also available in Excel files

Meeting reports (and reports with remarks) are available in Excel files.

The data exported in an Excel file is:

-          The title of the meeting point/remark

-          Punchlist

-          From

-          To/in charge

-          Due date

-          Direct notification

-          Status

-          Project

-          Room

-          (Name of meeting)

-          Number of meeting point/remark

-          Localization

-          Comments

-          Date of last modification

-          Name of documents attached

To use this Excel report, the user just needs to tick the checkbox or to download it on his computer. This download feature is also a way to preview the Excel file before sending it.

These Excel files are sent by email as an attachment and/or saved on AproPLAN as a source file of the PDF report.


Technical issues

*Technical analyze for the implementation with “Chapoo”


? Corrections /Bugs

Various issues have been corrected

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