WEB VERSION 1.17.0 – August 2013

Eveline -

! Empty your Silverlight cache!Click right on the app and select Silverlight Preferences

Go to Application Storage and delete all > save this

Connect again


Added Features

+ New web design. The design has been improved in order to improve the usage. New sliding, new action buttons, new icons, new way to add participants to a meeting, …

+ Add a lot of tooltips, which are hopefully more detailed and more useful than the previous ones.

+ Add tutorial balloons for new users logging on AproPLAN. The main actions of each section are explained with a few balloons.

+ Add a send feature to the multi-edit of remarks. A user can now send several remarks/meeting points at one time.

+ A new tool has been developed to delete documents in process for more than 48hours.

+ start using Confluence to document our data

Improved Features

  • New AproPLAN logo
  • Add a section “Transferred Documents” for the meeting. This is a list which contains the document you shared with others.
  • The Blank page linked to newly created remarks or meeting points has been removed
  •  The email sent is different when sending a meeting point or a remark
  • The PDF file of Meeting reports will now be named this way: (project code) – (occurrence/Meeting name)
  • The field “Miscellaneous” in remarks and meeting points has been removed.
  • “Publishing” meeting points doesn’t exist anymore. This has been changed by “send”. Meeting points now behave as remarks and are sent, not published anymore.

Corrections /Bugs

Various issues reported by customers have been corrected.

? On Mac, there is an issue when using the backspace. It sometimes deletes entire texts written by the user. We have checked this issue several times but could not reproduce this properly. This is an issue linked to Mac, not to AproPLAN

? In a report, the text written on a picture was not fully displayed. This has been corrected.

? A lot of other internal bugs have been corrected

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