WEB VERSION 1.19.0 – September 2013

Eveline -

Added Features

+ All the managers of the meetings have the same rights as the author of the meeting. They can add, edit meeting points, plans, additional information

+ A project can be deactivated, only by the creator of the project. It is then removed from the list of active projects and does not count in the total of projects/account. All the data: remarks, meetings, documents, participants are also hidden.

+ The order of documents in a meeting can be adapted thanks to a drag & drop. The documents will be printed in the report in this selected order

+ Copy a meeting point. The copy of a meeting point will be exactly the same as the initial meeting point. It will be added to the meeting and will receive a new meeting point. This copied meeting point can be modified if needed.

+ Meeting managers: All the managers have the same rights as the author of the meeting. Managers can add meeting points, edit/delete comments on meetings, create a next meeting, add documents to a meeting, add participants to a meeting, and print meeting reports. Formerly these were actions exclusively restricted to the author.

+ Added function: Delete the comment to a meeting point.

+ A warning message will be displayed to inform the user there will be an update of AproPLAN – web, a few days before going in production.

Improved Features

  • A different email text is sent whether a remark is sent or a meeting point.
  • The email sent has been slightly modified: Your Logo will be displayed in the email, no grey background anymore, the entire text is displayed in grey: no green words anymore.
  • Reports of remarks can now be ordered by user in charge.
  • Customization of reports:


-          Date and time of comments has been removed

-          The footer of the report, which is displayed on each page, also contains The project Name – Meeting Name – Meeting number – Date of Meeting


-          www.aproplan.com has been removed

-          Many frames have been removed

-          Plans are printed in Landscape view

-          Standard pin size on plans in reports


  • When double clicking on an element, the edit mode of that element is activated. No need any more to select the element and to click on Edit mode if you want to edit something.
  • Daily summary email: The document section has been improved. Following information is added; the date of upload on AproPLAN and the Folder where it is stored.
  • Create an AproPLAN account goes much faster than it previously went.
  • When the report is too heavy, it cannot be send by email. The receiver will now get a link in the email where he can download big reports.
  • The three folders in the module Documents have been reorganized. There are now two Folders, named public and private. The Public folder contains all the uploaded documents in the defined structure of the project. The Private folder contains all the Pictures taken with the iPad and the reports generated by the used account. The elements of the Private folder are not shared with others.

These elements can only be shared if they are dragged & dropped into a Public file. On the other hand, the reverse, drag & drop from Public to Private, is not possible.



Corrections /Bugs

Various issues reported by customers have been corrected.

? When a document is linked to a meeting, it could not been removed from that meeting. This issue has been corrected, a manager of the meeting can now remove the document.

? The link received in an email opens the mentioned version of the report and not the latest version of the report any more.

? There was a bug when trying to print Differences between two documents. This has been corrected.

? A lot of other internal bugs have been corrected

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