WEB VERSION – 2nd October 2013

Eveline -


Corrections /Bugs

Various issues reported by customers have been corrected.

? All the meeting points of all the meetings on which you are a participant are now displayed in your list of remarks.

The section remarks contains now: your remarks, your meeting points (the one you added) , all the meeting points of the meetings on which you are a participant

? When sending a remark, users get an error message. This has been corrected.

? The title of the report, when too long, was not printed correctly. It is now printed onto 2 lines.

? An issue about the display of the LOGO of a user in the emails has been corrected.

? In the list of remarks in a Report with remarks, the field Author has been replaced by Receiver.

? The LOGO displayed in the report with remarks is the one of configured in the account.

? An issue about the participants on a meeting in the reports has been corrected.

? All the data of a participant was not properly copied in the tab Participants when it is linked to a meeting.

? A scroll-bar has been added to the multi-edit screen.

? Points with several keys were not correctly displayed in the report.

? As the documents are printed in landscape format in the reports, the numbers of the remarks displayed on the documents have been turned.

? Lay-out of the columns in the reports was not correct. This has been corrected.

? When uploading a document, the selected file in shown.

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