WEB VERSION - 17th October 2013

Eveline -

Corrections /Bugs

Various issues reported by customers have been corrected.

? Some users could not connect to APROPLAN anymore. The login process has been reviewed and corrected.

? Organizing the points of a meeting by “Person in charge” was not correct. The report and the Web version have been corrected and now display the correct information.

? The meeting report displayed the Header / Remarks / Footer sections even if these were empty.

? The meeting date printed in the report did not take into account a modification of the date on the iPad. This has been corrected.

? Error when working in the section Documents while All Project is selected in the main selection field.

? Lay-out of the report has been slightly modified to be printed correctly.

? New elements were not printed in Bold in some reports. This has been fixed so that all the new elements are printed in Bold

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