WEB VERSION - 13th November 2013

Eveline -


Corrections /Bugs

Various issues reported by customers have been corrected.

? An issue about the printing of documents in a meeting report has been corrected. The documents was printed the other way around because the report generation did not take into account the saved rotation angle.

? Special characters in the names of PDF reports were not correctly saved when generating a PDF. This has been corrected.

? The sender of the email (report) was not the correct person. This issue has been corrected.

? The number of Documents/ Remarks of the Activity was not correct. This number has been removed.

?  Scroll bar has been adapted to the length of the list of punch list items

? There was an issue in the multiple edition action. The modifications performed to a list of remarks were not saved.

? The comments made on meeting points were not printed in the report.

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