WEB VERSION 1.21.0 & 1.22.0 – November 2013

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WEB VERSION 1.21.0 & 1.22.0 – November 2013

Added Features

+ Push of Remarks

-          Difference between a private remark and a public remark

A private remark is only visible by the author of it, this was the former “Remark”

A public remark is shared with several other participants of the project in meetings or in lists, this was the former “Meeting point”.

-          You can push

1/ A Private remark into a meeting/list. It then becomes a public remark and won’t appear anymore in the list of Private remarks.

2/ A public remark from one list/meeting into another. Beware that this public remark is not copied from one list/meeting into another, it will simply be deleted from the first meeting/list and added to the second meeting/list, which implies a gap in the numbering of meeting/list 1.

But you cannot make a public remark private.

To push these remarks, the user must select one of the meetings/lists of the project in the dropdown “SHARE” in the header of each remark.

-          The TO /IN CHARGE field everywhere on APROPLAN becomes a “Tag-field”, no need to add an email address anymore in this field. The Name, the Company or the Role of the participants of the project is sufficient. The used tag will also be displayed in the reports. Any participant to the project can be in charge of a remark (private or public), no restriction anymore for the public remarks (former meeting points) for which only the participants to the meeting could be in charge of a meeting point. So the field IN CHARGE no longer grants the visibility on the remark

-          The “Send action” and the “Publish action” have been removed.

No remarks will be send anymore. To share the information with another user you must make the remark public by adding it to a list or a meeting. The participants of the meeting/list will then see the public remark on their APROPLAN account. Another way to share the information, is to print the remark(s) and send it out by mail in a PDF-report. If you want to send directly in the mailbox of another user a private or a public remark, you need to make a report of it.

The concept of direct notification does not exist anymore, but you can still label a remark as important.

Meeting points cannot be published anymore.

-          The filters have been adapted to this new system

-          The “SHARE” action is also available in the multi-action mode for private remarks. This way you can add several private remarks to a list/meeting in one action.

-          No remark is created anymore when the user sends a meeting report.

+ Customize the statuses of remarks: An additional step has been added in the “Project wizard”. The standard list of 10 statuses of remarks can now be customized. The user can define how many statuses he will use, with a maximum of 10, and can also give them another name.

This list is project based and can be used in other project as it can be saved as a template.

+ Share participants between projects. When you have already invited a user on one of your projects, you can add him/her to another project, without having to complete all his/her information again. A button ADD has been added in the Tab Participants. This will open a pop-up with a list of participants between whom you can choose.

+ A newly created user can now connect to APROPLAN for 72 hours without having to activate the account. After 72 hours, the user will be forced to activate his account.

+ The TO /IN CHARGE field everywhere on APROPLAN becomes a “Tag-field”, no need to add an email address anymore in this field. The Name, the Company or the Role of the participants of the project is sufficient. The used tag will also be displayed in the reports.

+ Excel Report of the Document Structure of the Project. This a new kind of report, which contains the list of Documents uploaded on APROPLAN, in which folder, the uploader, date of upload, and so on.

+ Previous print settings are saved and reused. Once you‘ve installed the print settings of the reports, these are saved for the next print

+ Add a warning message when creating a new occurrence of a meeting, explaining the numbering of the points will change.

+ Pictures taken with the iPad are organized by date, not by name anymore.


Improved Features

  • Tab Participants of the meeting (on the web and in the reports):

-          As for the documents, the user can choose the order of the participants in the list. By a simple drag & drop, the managers of the meeting organize the list of participants as they want.

-          We added a column “Invited” to inform the participant he is invited on next meeting

-          The field “Signature” in meetings and on reports is now hidden, if there is no signature

-          The edition of the grid has been improved. The buttons Edit, Save and Cancel are added to this tab, and the tab “Transferred Documents”

  • Move from one item to another easily with Previous/Next buttons. When a picture is showed, for instance, you can easily jump to the next one or the previous one.
  • Drawings and Pins on documents attached to a remark:

-          The user now can add a drawing and a pin on the same document linked to a remark

-          The user can add several pins on the same document linked to a remark

  • Improvement of the TO /IN CHARGE field everywhere on APROPLAN:

-          Transferred Documents; the TO-field is not automatically filled anymore. From now on, the managers of the meeting can add the Name, the Role or the company of the participants in this field.

  • All the mandatory fields of the application are displayed with a red frame around it until it is filled in
  • Multi-action improved: No need to click on the “Multi-action” anymore, just select the remarks you want to Edit/Archive/Print/share and the action buttons appear.
  • The management of the time zone of the user has been improved. In the “My information” screen, the user must select his Time zone.
  • Drag & Drop documents from a private folder to a public folder has been improved
  • Updates for the new pricing: counting of remarks, ect.
  • Project creation wizard: save button is disabled until last step.



-          Give the user the opportunity to choose if he wants to send the invitation/activation email to someone he wants to add to the participants of the project

-          Synchronization of data between iPad and Web might override some corrections made on the data

-          The way to refresh and display the list of remarks, should the remark jump at the top of the list as soon as the edition is saved or should it keep its initial position in the list until the user refreshes it.

-          The numbering of remarks, how to prevent having several times the same remark number on one document, for instance.


Corrections /Bugs

Various issues reported by customers have been corrected.

? When there were lots of points on a document, all the points were not correctly printed in the report. Some points were overlapping each other and others were not listed in the legend. This has been corrected

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