Define the Rooms

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Rooms is an additional field of the points, which will allow you to sort/group your points more easily.

Set up a list of Rooms of your construction project :

  •  Back to points
  •  Modify
  •  Import from Excel
  •  Import a structure from another project



Modify action will allow you to add Rooms from level 1 and Rooms from level 2.

(Tip: a double click on it , also opens the edit function)

  • Add Room level 1. Enter a code + local name.
  • Add Room level 2. Enter a code + name of item.

Warning: only level 2 can be selected when creating a point, so beware that your list is useable.


 Save the created rooms right

The function add from Excel allows you to import data from a customized list in an Excel file (.Xls).


The function import a structure from another project  is used to take an already existing template from an already created project.

Select the project you want to copy and check the rooms from level 1 and 2 that you're going to use in the current project and save by clicking on ok



The function cancel will to shut down the frame without saving any modifications to your structure.



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