Define the categories, subcategories and subjects

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On the field, when creating points, you will only be able to select sub-categories (and theirs subjects), so beware that your list is useable.

4 actions are available to set up your list of categories :

  •  Back to the selection of a project
  •  Modify
  •  Import from Excel
  •  Import a structure from another project

The function modify gives you the possibility to add categories, sub-categories and subjects. (Tip: when you double click on it it will also open in edit mode)

 Click on:

  • Add a category : Add a code + name of a category.
  • Add a subcategory : Add a code + name of a subcategory.
  • Add a subject : Write the subject down.



 Save  your categories at the right bottom.

Warning: the codes and description on a same level (Category - Sub-category) might not be the same. The system won't be able to save the list if there are similarities.

Tip : After you selected an already existing category, you can for example add a new subject that is linked to this item.


The function add from Excel gives you the possibility to use a customized list from Excel as an .Xls file.


The function import a structure from a project  is used to take an already existing template from a project that has already has been created.

Select the project that you want to copy and ‘Check’ the categories, sub-categories and subjects you want to use in your current project. Save it by clicking on ok.



The cancel button will shut down the frame without saving any modifications to your structure.



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