How do I activate my account?

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When you have created an account, you have received an email from AproPLAN with a link to activate your account.

You can use AproPLAN for 78 hours without activating your account. You will receive several emails asking you to activate your account.

Simply click on activate.


For security rules, the links in the emails are valid for 48 hours.

Once the link to activate your account is not valid anymore, you should go on, insert your login and password.



  • When clicking on connection , this message will appear: your account is not yet activated. To receive the activation mail again, click on: Get the activation email.
  • Click on it and a new mail will be sent to you, open it and click on activate.

Your account is now activated.      


If you did not succeed in it,  contact us at, we will do it for you.


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