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For recurrent site meetings, you need to distinguish the points made in each site meeting / list and you also need to gather all those points in one list.

So, when you use the function create the next list , the points of the previous site meeting remain in the list of points, and the new points will receive a new code ( Meeting / list 1 to 1.0…, Meeting 2 to 2.0…).


This way, you know exactly in which site meeting you have created your points.

You can create a next occurrence of a list of point whenever you want on the web or on iOS.



Warning : Only an Administrator/ manager of the list of points can create the next list of points.


To create the next list :

  • Activate the function edit list.





  •  Select the function create the next list.


A message will then pop-up and indicate that you are going to the next list and that the occurence from the new points created will change.




Warning : You cannot generate the report of your previous list, if you create the next list without generating the report.







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