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Write personalized reports with AproPLAN thanks to the detailed print options available.


  •  List reports.

In this section you can easily issue a PDF report containing all the active public points of the list.

Therefore, you just need to select the list and click on the function print on the right top of the screen.






  • General information :




Type of report :

There are 4 types of reports. These layouts are named detailed list of points  – standard list of pointsStandard list of points (with localization)summary list of points but can be used for whatever kind of list. 


The title :

The default title of the PDF report is the list title.


Preview of the report :

To have on overall view of the report you can preview it, clicking on the magnifying glass.

Warning :  Only the first 50 points of the meeting are available in the preview of the report!


It can be interesting to assign a report by enterprise that is in charge of the points or an enterprise that woul like to assign points to their sub-contractors.


Therefore :


  • Select the points and click on the function print on the right top of the screen.



Tip : You can also select your points in the grid view and erase them in a report by using the filters. (See F.A.Q. concerning the use of the grid view).




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