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You want to adapt the lay-out of your report before printing it ?

Let's take a look at this together, to manage the print options.




Lay out sections :

Choose which sections you want to print in your report, by clicking on the appropriate field.


  •  The list of points (without plans, with plans, with plans and localization) you can also choose to display the subject on one line.


  • Plans
  • Details of the points (with plans, with plans and localization, without plans) Where you get the option to print your pictures in and A-5 format and / or print one point per page.


  • U can also choose to hide the date and time of the pictures
  • You can add a cover page
  • Additional information *
  • Add the pdf plan(-s) in their original size
  • Print comments (from the author, role, company)


* You can choose to add an Excel report and / or original plans to the PDF report.




Excel document:

  • Select the option Add Excel file

All data (except the pictures and documents) of the points are displayed in an Excel document.


The Excel document is linked to the PDF report as source file of the PDF.


Original plans with points:

Do you want to print your document in the original size with the points?


  • Just tick the box add plan(-) in original size so that your docuuments will be available in original size with all the points displayed.
  • Pin the plan on site so that everyone will precisely see what her or she has to do.

These documents are available in documents/ reports en will be displayed in your list.


  • Click on the function download the original documents





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