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You can choose to join an Excel report and/or your original plans to the PDF report you’re issuing.



Excel file :


  • Select the function join the Excel file.

All the data of the points is collected in an Excel file, except the pictures and documents.

Here an example :



The Excel file is linked to the PDF report as the source file of the PDF.


Original plan with points :


You need to print your documents in the original size with the points on it.

  • Just check the box Join the plan(s) at original size and your documents are available in original size with all the pins displayed on it.
  • Pin the plan on the site and everyone sees clearly what he still has to do.


These documents  in original size are attached in your documents / report of your list.


See an example of an attached file to the generated report :



With this icon upload the original documents, you can upload your report in pdf size or download the source documents, like the Xls file from your report or plans in orignal Pdf size containing your points.


  • Click on the function upload the original documents.




  • With the working file, you can download the report in Pdf size.
  • With the source file, you can download the plan in original size or in Pdf size and / or the source file in Excel size.


Below an example of generated files :





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