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Carolane Michaux -

You can decide which information you want to print in your reports.

And this for the tab participants and the tab points.


  • By clicking on the section of your choice (ex: signature) and clicking on the little arrow that points to the right, you can add this as a column in your report.


  • You are also able to choose the order with a drag & drop.

  You are also able to



Participants frame :


  • Select the options that you would like to see in the participants tab, that you will find on the first page of your report.


  • P.A.E. : Present, Absent, Excused. This are the presences of the participants you have invited to your construction site visits.
  • Invited.
  • Function.
  • Society.
  • E-mail.
  • Telephone.
  • Signature.
  • Date of signature.


In the tab points :



  • Select the options that you would like to see in the tab points of your report.


  • The status.
  • The category.
  • The rooms.
  • The persons in charge.
  • The localization.
  • The end date.
  • The documents that are attached to the points.





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