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We have developed an Personal tasks (HTML5) page displaying the points for which someone is in charge.
For example, if a sub-contractor connects to this HTML page, he will see all the points for which he or (his company or role) is indicated in the in charge field.



How does it works ?


When you assigned points to a sub-contractor,  the participants of the project will receive a mail with the tasks that are assigned to them.

As a sub-contractor and by opening the link, you can see the following :


  • The first tab displays the points to do.
  • The second tab displays the points done.

In the first tab, there is a button used to done (close) a point, this way they will now that your work is accomplished.




 Other possibilities :

  • See the information content of the point, when looking at the pdf plan attached as well as the photos.
  • Add remarks you made on site.
  • Document your accomplished work, by adding documents / photos.



Project statuses: update »





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