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Now that you have created your project, you should invite people to this project.

Colleagues, stakeholders, contractor, engineers … would probably love to get access to the documents/plans of the project everywhere and to make some notes on it or to be invited to your meeting and finally to receive your reports.


To invite participants to a project :


  • Select the list of the entire project.



  • Go to the menu you are seeing the participants of the project.



  • Use the function add a participant in the project. (In the right top of the screen).


  • Add the mail address of the participant, to add them in your list.

  • Select ok to add a participant.
  • The participant is now displayed in red, and has by default access to nothing.
  • You can change his project access (now : guest) and give him visibility too the folders for which you also have received an access, by clicking on "Manage".


When you import a participant from another project, the information of this participant is copied into the new project.      


  • Click then on invite if you want that the user gets a mail (invitation) to join the project.



The new participant will receive a warning mail, to tell him that he has access to the project.                                                                            



Tip : Adding participants to a project is easier trough the web application.



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