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It is important that all the info is well completed because this is the info that will be printed in the footer of the reports each participant will print and it is also used into the list of Participants to a meeting.

  • Open the participants tab in the entire project.

  • Use the function edit (in the right top of the screen) to display the content of the  participants sheet.



  •  Fill in the informations (see below).




Warning : The address, the name of the company as well as the VAT number that you have encoded will be displayed in the footnote of your reports.



This information is also copied when you add a participant to a list :

Name – Company – Role- Email – Phone


The assignment of the punch lists : 

When you link a punch list item to a participant, the field in charge of a new point, will automatically be completed with the company name of the participant.



For example : the job plumbering was assigned by you to a participant.


Result : If you link several participants to one and the same punch list item, the companies of all the participants will all be added to the in charge field.




When you link several participants to the same item, the different participants will be added to the field in charge.



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