Add participants without inviting them

Carolane Michaux -

It is possible to add a participant and use him in lists / points without implicating him in the application/ project itself.

For this you just need to add him, fill his/ her informations in without inviting him.



The participants that are not invited will be displayed in red (in the Web application). It is possible, if necessary, to invite all the participants in one click trough the menu manage.


On the iPad you are also able to add participants in your lists, by clicking on the little wheel: settings of the list. Then you have to select Edit list.


You will then see the section participants, by clicking on the + you can add several users.


You can also manage their list access by drag and dropping their name from (for example) guest to contributor.


Remark: If you want to see all the participants of the Entire project, you have to login on the WEB application.





A participant can also be added when creating or editing a point:

Warning : When you add a new participant on iOS, you should know that this person won’t have access to your documents of the project, unless you give him/ her the right to (access) from the Web application.




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