A few basic concepts

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A construction project is something very complicated where many people have the same goal : finishing the construction in an optimal way to approve the works in time.

Collaborate with different teams on a same project is not an easy task. In order to facilitate the teamwork, you will need to centralize the information and make it accessible to those who work on the project.



What is a point ?

A point is every annotation made about a project construction that can be linked to a plan and documented by photos.

The points are by default public and visible to everyone. (Except for the person who has an enterprise license, and creates his points in the private list of points).

The points can have  a symbolic like below for example : number 1 Code + 1 list of points + 1 number of point (sequential).




From the moment you place the points in a list of points, your points will be visible for every participant that has been invited to that list. 

If there isn't any participant invited, you will be the only one who sees them.


When you create or edit a list of points, you will have then the possibility to manage the way of displaying  your points and add a code by list.                                      





This way your points will have a customized symbolic.

Here 4 possibilities to represent the points.



  • Project Sequence:


  • Occurence + Sequential :


  • Code + Sequential:


  •  Code +Occurrence +Sequential :




Create a point on iOS »







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