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 From the list of points :


Once your points are made (during a meeting or not), you can filter them to have an overall or precise view of your points.

You can sort out or group your points on iOS but we advise you to filter your points on the Web. The search tool on the web is more advanced.

  • First of all, you need to select what you are going to search: public or private points or both or the archived points.


  • Then filter on the basis of a field and add as much filters as you want… in order to get the list of points you want to have.

This way, you can create a list of points that has been ordered by punch list item, author, date...

In the example below I was looking for all the points I made about Painting on the 7th October 2015:





In the grid view :


On the top of the grid view screen you will see a list of filters.

This dropdown holds 3 filters :

  • All points.
  • Opened points.
  • Archived points.




By default the selected filter is active points.

When you hover the mouse on the list, AproPLAN displays a tooltip explaining the content of the filter:

  • All points : All the points of the project.
  • Active points : All the points of the project that are not archived.
  • Archived points: All the archived points.

The last selected filter is saved in your preferences so that next time you open the Grid screen, the last filter is selected.




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