How to print a report with points

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As soon as you have made a list with all your points to print, generate your report and send it to the concerned participants by clicking on  print on the top of the page.



You can preview your report to have a general overview by simply clicking on the magnifying glass on the right of the window.


Warning : Preview only shows the 50 first points.

Video: print options  


  • Choose your sort options according the creation date, the punch list items, the user in charge...
  • Check which columns will be printed in your report :


List of points :



Details : each point is detailed and the plans / pictures are printed below the point




Tip: If you want to generate an Excel sheet with all the points data (without the pictures), check the box "Join the Excel file".


You can save your report or send it by email.



In both cases, the generated report will be saved in the section report from your documents in AproPLAN.



If you click on send by email, a new window will open (see below).

  • Fill this in en send the mail.







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