Make a PDF (or Excel) file with the points to give to users in charge

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All your  points are collected in the "Points" section from the "All list". You can filter them to have an overview of your points through different meetings / lists. Create filtered lists of your points by project.

During the different site visits, you created different points assigned to the sames participants. Collect all those points for a same user, the painter for example, and make a PDF report with all his tasks.


1)  Trough the classical  points display:

First of all, select what you are looking for : public points, private points, public AND private points or archived points.



Then, use a filter on the basis of a field, and add as many fields as you want... In  order to get the list you want.

Research the category "general" or the user in charge "Painter" for example.

This way you can make a list of points that have to be solved, and that are sorted out by categories.


2) Trough the grid view:

Use the filter methods and select the points that you want to print.


Finally, print a PDF file or xls. and give it to the painter.



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