Discuss the points before adding them to the list of points

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During the preparation of your site meeting, you will certainly take some notes about the points you want to discuss during the meeting.

You just need to create this points (linked to documents / pictures) in the list of points in order not to forget them. You are the only one to see those  points because you add nobody to your list of points.

When you are ready to share them, you can then add the participants that you want and give them access rights to this points.


Therefore :

  • Open the list where the points you want to copy are.
  • Select all the points (litlle  field at the left of each point you have to check) and use the function copy to. (On the right top of the screen).





Tip : If you have an enterprise license, your points will be created by default in a private list of  points.


You can see the number of points, documents, participants and the list version on the thumbnail of the list of points.



An example of a customized list of points :


At the bottom of the thumbnail:

  • Wheel : settings list
  • + : create next occurrence of the list
  • Box: archive this list






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