Distribute the work during a site meeting

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For example, an architect made a meeting and created several points that need to be addressed. These points are assigned to you as you are the entrepreneur.

You need to work on architect's points in order to distribute them to the different subcontractors you are working with. This must have no impact on the original points of the architect's official meeting.

As participant (responsible or not) of the main list, you can use these points after they were copied into your own  list of points.


Therefore :

  • Select all the points assigned to you (by making a filter for example) and copy to them to your private list of points.



Those points are now copied in your private list of points and are still present in the original meeting.


If you want to edit these points and share them with a colleague or a subcontractor, you just need to click on the point you want to edit and then invite to your own list, the different participants that will be in charge 

Select the points for the electrician for example, and make a to-do list that he will have to carry out.




Select a meeting or create a new one in which you want to add the selected points.



 Give a title to the list / meeting and add the electrician to the list of participants.




 Click on the "Save" button in order to add the selected points to the new list / meeting.

The points will be moved from your private list to the list of points you want to share with the electrician.



The electrician is now able to add comments, change the status of the points and much more things if he is defined as manager of the meeting, without modifying the original points of the architect's meeting.




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