Upload documents from Desktop or Dropbox

Lola Ricca -

You can add your document to your project on two different ways :


  • Add from Desktop :

Browse your computer and select the document you want to add to your folder on AproPLAN.


  • Add from Dropbox :




You can use your already existing Dropbox account in AproPLAN or add it by clicking on the +.


Add your Dropbox ID. This can be a name or mail address.




You will be then transferred to an internet page, where you can log in to your Dropbox account, this is the way to link your Dropbox to AproPLAN.




All the selected documents from your desktop and dropbox are listed, ready to be uploaded, change the title (displayed on AproPLAN) if needed.









Click then on save to start the upload process of your document.

Tip : U can use the little garbage next to every document, to delete them if needed.



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