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Only the uploader of the document or the administrator can archive or delete (the author can delete his document but has to be at least manager on the project) a document from AproPLAN.


To delete a document, you have to :

  • Select the document.
  • Use the function delete a document.


If the document contains several versions, the application will give you the possibility to delete each version of the document one at a time before you can delete it completely. 



Note : A document can only be deleted, if and only if, there isn't any remark linked to it, and as it isn't used in a  list.


You archive a document when you don’t need it anymore in the list but you still want to be able to consult it. When a document is archived by the uploader, it is archived for all the users having access to the folder. 


To archive a document, you have to :

  • Select the document.
  • Use the function archive a document.



You can consult  and / or  unarchive a document whenever you want to, by clicking on display archives documents.


The archived documents are displayed this way :



To unarchive a document, you have to : 

  • Select the archived document.
  • Use the function unarchive.




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