Preload / unload a document

Lola Ricca -

To have access to the documents (plans, pictures, etc. ) if the Wi-Fi network nor the 3G network is available, it is possible to preload the document on the local memory of your iPad.


Select the documents (one or more) and choose  for preload.



You can track the preload of on or more documents by looking at the progress  of the circle during the upload process of the file.

Once the document is preloaded, a green icon will be displayed on the document.




Preload several documents at the same time by clicking on this icon :


Select then the documents that you want to  preload and click on preload, the document will then be saved in the memory of the i Pad.

it is also possible to unload one or more documents by doing the same steps and clicking on unload.



Remark: The function preload is only available with the Enterprise license.



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