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When a document is loaded on AproPLAN, it’s possible to add a new version to this document. This function offers a lot of advantages regarding to a  standard addition of a new document :


• The different versions of a document will remain grouped, which enables you to have an overview of the evolution of the document.


• It’s possible to compare the different versions.

Warning : To use this comparison function, it’s absolutely necessary that the new version of the document has the same point of origin. Especially in the cases of plans, it’s necessary to check that the drawings on the page have identically the same positioning. If not, different versions of a drawing will be putted in different places within the space of the « presentation paper ». This makes it impossible to compare them. (For example: 1150mmx890mm)

To add a version of a document, you have to select the previous version of the document stored on AproPLAN and click on add a version of the document what gives you the possibility to compare different versions : 

And browse the newest version on your computer or on your dropbox account:

Tip : Browse the new version of the document in the Working file- filed, add a source to it if you want to. A source file is like a Word file or a Dwg, which you cannot open in Aproplan.

The number of versions of the document is displayed this way.



In this case, there are two versions of the document.

Tip : The remarks added to old versions of the document are still available on the new version and will automatically be positioned on the same place.


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