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To edit your list :


  • Select the function edit list. (it can be edited by the author of the list or by an administrator a the project).





When you edit your list, you will get access the first page that you filled in at creation of the list.


From this page on you can use several functionalities :


  • Edit the general information page from the list.
  • Create the next list.
  • Archive the list. Even if this function has a quicker access by using the appropriate icon.




With the arrow on the right bottom of the page, you can skip / go to the next steps of the edition of  your list.



Informations of the list :


You can add a text for the header, the footer and the additional information of your list, so that you establish the rest of your report.

Those fields can contain all sorts of data, like the work planning, the next meeting, etc.


Where does the informations that I wrote down in the report goes ?


The header is a free text box, displayed on the first page of the meeting report, between the header of the report (general informations) and the list of participants.


The footer of the report is a free text box that is displayed on the last page of the report.


The additional informations is a free text box that is displayed after the list of participants, before the points.


Transferred documents :

If you click on the arrow next you will go to the transferred documents.



This way you can create a list of documents that you gave to the participants during your meeting.



Generated reports :

If you click a last time on the arrow next you will land on the generated reports from your list.

Tip : You can see the historic of the generated reports by using the drop-down menu on the right top, as you can see below.


Trough this tool bar you can switch the pages of your  reports, change the orientation and adapt the zoom.


You can always go back by using the arrow to go to the previous frame.



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