Releases notes pour la version Web V.1.33

Antonino AZZARA -

V.1.33.25          15 avril 2015

  • AproPLAN/Simplified and traditional Chinese mixed

V.1.33.24          08 avril 2015

  • Missing points in points list
  • Impossible to create a new report as previous report doesn't upload
  • Impossible to generate a report because other reports in process
  • One document not transferred from Chapoo to Aproplan
  • Correct uploaded plans having different document's type for versions V0 and V1
  • 2 points are missing in a report
  • Due date always wrong in task's detail of HTML tasks page

V.1.33.23          01 avril 2015

  • Pictures on documents are moved after upload of a new version of the document
  • Delete 2 files in processing
  • Archived plans are not updated from Chapoo to AproPLAN
  • Change dutch translation for "Onderwerp" in "Titel"

V.1.33.22          25 mars 2015

  • Error when editing access of project's participants
  • Points on plan are moved on a vertical axis
  • Translation fix in reports

V.1.33.21          18 mars 2015

  • Reports never uploaded
  • Impossible to delete two punchlists because of linked points
  • Impossible to add documents
  • Add a new property EntityCreationUser in RestEntity class
  • Error message when saving project structure
  • Add javascript code for AproPLAN marketing purpose

V.1.33.13          22 janvier 2015

  • Error message when generating big reports

V.1.33.12          22 janvier 2015

  • Error when deleting a project
  • Error when downloading reports with name having a & character
  • Plan at original size missing when generating a report
  • Impossible to add a participant to a project
  • Impossible to delete photos in the private folder "Photos"
  • Modification of project's role of participant is not saved
  • Cannot create a ContactDetails once it has been created and deleted
  • Error message when login at Abscis
  • Name of report superior to 57 characters is truncated

V.1.33.11          14 janvier 2015

  • Login problem
  • General plan is not displayed in Standard list of points with localization
  • Double clic on the header of the local group in the list of points doesn't select all the points
  • Cannot create a ContactDetails once it has been created and deleted
  • Contact screen is very slow with 50 contacts or more
  • Renew BizSpark program for AproPLAN
  • Error in the Windows Application Log of WEB03 (02)
  • Long punchlist description overlaps location text in generated reports
  • Forbid manager of a project to change his project's role
  • Change the name of the reports in German

V.1.33.10          07 janvier 2015

  • Filter "Not equal to" has the opposite effect in the Grid view
  • Error message when opening link to the HTML page from a mail
  • Web servers were down
  • Tasks are not displayed in the HTML page
  • Folders don't synchronize between Chapoo and AproPLAN

V.1.33.09          05 janvier 2015

  • Web servers were down
  • Apply Recurly config change made on 01/01/15
  • Status name change is not reflected in the Grid view
  • Impossible to send a report by mail if the title of the mail is not changed
  • HOMO - Folder "Photo" does not sync. from AproPLAN to Chapoo

V.1.33.08          23 décembre 2015

  • Chapoo Synchro Retry Count is not increased
  • Do not remove 403 errors
  • Loading of lists and display of PDF documents are very slow
  • "Save" button not displayed in the Manage tab of Participants screen
  • Bad error message when password incorrect in login screen
  • "My tasks" mail not sent although users in charge specified
  • Template of rooms not save in project wizard
  • Change the name of the reports in German
  • Error when saving modifications to the project
  • Update punchlists
  • Error when creating a project
  • Translations problems in the Grid view

V.1.33.07          19 décembre 2014 

  • Mistake in German
  • Accounts seems not to exist in the database...
  • Cannot save comment to meeting point
  • Pop-up when clicking on activities, points and meetings 
  • REPORT- Only 1st page of the report is generated
  • Cannot connect to admin tool anymore
  • Reports not uploaded since yesterday
  • DB load at 100% on friday afternoon
  • Problem with importing points from punchlist
  • Do not allow emtpy GuidId {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}
  • Open the document from ACTIVITIES Section
  • Make TimerInterval custom for each process
  • When printing a selection of points from SL, sometimes it takes all the points
  • Don't include the points of the "Tutorial" project in the daily mail
  • Cannot delete documents
  • Error on Aproove01
  • Grid view cut on the left
  • Error message when printing a report
  • Project creation - Step 8 My rooms does not always appear
  • REPORT - Report of a meeting contains all the public points of the project
  • Daily mail with TASKS
  • Hide points, pins on plan still displayed
  • Send the report :- fill in the subject automatically
  • Emails not sent

V.1.33.06          19 décembre 2014

  • Report of a meeting contains all the public points of the project
  • Wrong due date from public point to generated report
  • Correction in the mail
  • Cannot connect to from China
  • Mistake in French in an error message
  • Cannot import an excel file with "Numbers"
  • Error message when editing and save point
  • Bug when changing the color of an arrow on a document
  • When a user download an image, the filename should be the same as in AproPLAN
  • Cannot add or edit a point
  • Identify app that saving into Aproplan

V.1.33.05          décembre 2014 

  • Synchro menu item has disapeared
  • Cannot upload document
  • Correction in english
  • Edit Punchlist item > person in charge linked should also be changed
  • Report still processing since last week
  • Cannot delete a folder in the structure of folders
  • Report - Error when generating meeting report

V.1.33.04          décembre 2014

  • Report - Cannot Download PDF reports

V.1.33.03          décembre 2014

  • Cannot create a new account
  • Reports processing
  • Cannot generate a report with standard list of point
  • Only displaying one page of generated report
  • Report - only the first page is printed
  • Problem with generating a report (send by email)
  • Grid view- Report : cannot select another template than "Summary list of points"
  • Report still processing
  • Error message when sending a report by email
  • user cannot connect to aproplan
  • French corrections
  • Remove the name of the meeting
  • Reports not uploaded and email not sent
  • HOMO - No more "General points" label

V.1.33.02          décembre 2014

  • Reports different from preview to generated
  • Get error message when generating a report
  • Strange error message when adding a document to a project
  • Slowness of application + several bugs due to it
  • Generic error message when meeting report
  • Different report from preview to generation
  • Cannot create point with punchlist
  • Daily email not sent for 2 days
  • Chinese characters not correct when generating a report
  • Author of the meeting = GUEST of the meeting
  • HOMO - Information error of a document
  • Chinese translations
  • Cannot import Excel file from SAFARI

 V.1.33.01          décembre 2014

  • Cannot introduce a person in charge when creating a point
  • Unable to add a user ISDailyMailReceiver = False through the API
  • Report footer - Standard list of points
  • Invited on a project as Guest can delete other participant
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