Release notes for version V.2.0

Lola Ricca -

V.2.0.18         15 July 2015

  • Enhancements
    • Renamed "Administration console" menu entry into "Settings"
    • User menu entry must now be clicked to avoid accidental logout when using buttons like "Add" in screens
    • Everyone is now able to invite participants on projects
      One can edit all the data of the participant he invited
  • Bugs
    • Various minor bugs fixed

V.2.0.17         08 July 2015

  • Bugs
    • Various bug fixes and translations corrections 

V.2.0.16         01 July 2015

  • Enhancements
    • Add participants from projects other than the one created by you
    • The content of the InCharge field is updated if the category of a point is changed and no data has been changed in the InCharge field or the field is empty. 
      This same rule applies when using the Multi-edit function.
    • Rename the label "Sequential" into "Project sequence" in the lists configuration screen
    • buttons to close the tutorials have been added at the bottom of the screen.
    • PNG and other image files can now be used as project's covers
    • Translated in english some raw error messages
  • Bugs
    • Button "Done" was missing in the detail of a point in the HTML page
    • Application language reset to english after changing the language in the Administration console

V.2.0.15         24 June 2015

  • Enhancements
    • Allow everyone to invite people on projects
    • Improved error message when creating a user
    • Email addresses and participant's name are now displayed as CC's at the bottom of mails
    • Improved quality of photos in reports
  • Bugs
    • "More actions" submenu not visible in the participants screen
    • Print popup options sometimes not saved

V.2.0.14         18 June 2015

  • Enhancements
    • Enhancements of quality of photos in reports
  • Bugs
    • Fixed translations of Send mail buttons

V.2.0.13         17 June 2015

  • Enhancements
    • Enhancements of quality of plans in reports
    • Enhancements of quality of pins on plans in reports
    • Correct dutch label "bestemt" into "bestemd"
    • InApp and Mails sent to warn users to upgrade from IE8 to a newer release
    • Guest on lists are now able to edit the status of a point
    • Corrections in Traditional and Simplified Chinese labels
  • Bugs
    • Correct dutch label "bestemt" into "bestemd"
    • Error when creating a new account
    • Error when adding a participant to a project

V.2.0.12         12 June 2015

  • Major fix
    • Plans attached to reports were very pixelised. It has been fixed
  • Enhancements
    • Contributor is now allowed to to print points from lists
    • Renamed the filter's name in the Points screen
    • Various pictures file are now accepted as project's covers (PNG, BMP...)
    • Default advanced filter in grid is now "Contains"
  • Bugs
    • Forbid to import duplicated rooms from other projects
    • Impossible to add a comment on a point when you are in the preview of a document

V.2.0.11         10 June 2015

  • Enhancements
    • Forbid Expert users to remove a participant from a list
    • Impossible to create a login with an alias that contains a '+'
    • Expert can't add header and footer in reports
    • Points linked to several page's documents are now displayed on the corresponding page of the document
    • Point's Grid view's filters are now saved per project and per user
  • Bugs
    • Meeting's participants list doesn't update after deletion of a participant
    • Mail for big reports not received
    • Error when giving access to documents treeview
    • Impossible to deactivate the daily mail with assigned tasks
    • Impossible to move the order of participants in list
    • Impossible to share a folder for a contributor on a project
    • Point's Grid view's filters are now saved per project and per user
    • Cannot add comment nor see detail of comment on HTML page

V.2.0.10         03 June 2015

  • Update Recurly with "State"
  • Error message when uploading a logo
  • Report name displayed horizontally on the left border of the PDF is removed 


V.2.0.09         02 June 2015

  • Visibility on all folders removed for the Project Admin 
  • Error message when uploading a logo
  • Generating reports -errror
  • Multi actions available in the list of points linked to a document
  • Recurly error linked to missing address
  • Spell checker - impossible to select an option
  • Update of Silverlight installation page


V.2.0.08         27 May 2015

  • Error message when generating reports
  • Problems when uploading documents 


V.2.0.07         22 May 2015

  • Error when moving points from one list to another
  • Contributor cannot edit points 
  • Link in activity mail does not work
  • Impossible to import subjects from another project
  • Impossible to add rooms 
  • HTML - Cannot add new comment
  • HTML - Done button was not available


V.2.0.06         20 May 2015

  • Impossible to import a project structure
  • Error message when adding participant to project
  • Default categories structure for projects created by BASIC accounts
  • "Move" action is not available for only 1 point
  • Improve UX when creating list from points screen
  • Sort pictures by date in Documents screen not available
  • New version of report remove the pages of the reports of the previous versions
  • No checkboxes in the Invitation pane when managing a user


V.2.0.05         17 May 2015

  • Subjects linked to categories are not saved in projects
  • Display the project/list code when editing a project/list
  • Enable "Copy to" action for points with multiple comments
  • Delete Reports that keep on processing
  • Number of the points is displayed on 2 lines in reports
  • Error message when adding new subfolders
  • Display the occurence number in the list selection screen


V.2.0.04         11 May 2015

  • Error when editing categories or rooms in a project
  • Error message when importing rooms from Excel or from an existing project
  • Display a red border for duplicate rooms codes in the project configuration wizard
  • No admin in the list
  • Error message when editing a point
  • Various bugs in Grid view
  • Delete a document that is still under process
  • Wrong characters when adding a document to the a folder
  • Delete function not available in the transferred documents list
  • Impossible to move a document
  • Impossible to send report to participants
  • Impossible to add a new participant to the project
  • Participant information disappears when changing participant's access level


V.2.0.03          07 May 2015

  • Impossible to add a point to a document
  • Synchronization problem points on web
  • Convert all the Managers of existing lists to Admin
  • Files under processing not uploaded
  • Lots of timeout when getting the points list


V.2.0.02          06 May 2015

  • Error when connecting
  • Tooltip on lists levels is wrong
  • Impossible to see mail addresses in reports
  • Impossible to edit comments on points as a manager of the list
  • Subjects not saved in projects
  • Name of downloaded report is wrong
  • Users can't see all their files
  • Rotation of picture is not saved
  • "Admin" is missing in the project's level access popup
  • Default categories structure when creating a new project from iPad
  • Impossible to connect to AproPlan


V.2.0.01          30 April 2015

  • Allow every users to create lists on projects
  • Synchronization popup does not open

Remove warning that limit of points has been reached

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