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After you have made your points in AproPLAN, you are able to choose to save them or print them as a report.


You then receive the possibility to choose between the several print options.

This way you can define the lay-out of your report.


These options can be saved as your template.


How does it works?


1) Select your points and click on "print" on the right top of your screen.

2) This frame will then appear:

- Where you can select the several print options

(This is explained to you in the other F.A.Q's from the section "Reports")



3) Now you just have to give a name to your report template.


4) After this you will notice that the hard disk  next to it becomes black.


5) You have to click on this disk, so that your template would be properly saved.



Where can you find your template afterwards?


You can find your template back by clicking next to criteria template on the little arrow


* You will find your template in every list, so you don't have to create and save the same template for every list.






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