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After you have added a point to a plan/ document, you are able to select the zone around this point, that will be displayed in your report.


1) Go to the documents of the Entire project (black frame) or go to the documents of one of your lists. (green frame)


2) Once you have clicked on the document icon from the Entire project or a list, you have to double click on the document where you would like to add a point (-s) and define the (their) printzone.


-Your document will be displayed in a bigger size, here you have to click on add point




3) Now you can insert the data of your newly created point, after that you have to click on the little pin (at the left in the vertical stripe).

-This way you can indicate the point on your plan.



4) Once your point (pin) is inserted on your plan, you will see that the icon (printzone) is visible, in this same vertical stripe.


5) After you clicked on the function printzone, you are able to adapt the size of this zone around your point.


- You can do this by selecting on of the 4 corners.

- Finally don't forget to save



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